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The Training Triangle

That Leg Fatigue May Not Be From Your Legs

How Sausage Is Made

Kona Predictions

The Argument For and Against Weights

Ironman Switzerland

Ironman Texas 2014 – The Perfect Storm?

And You Had No Idea

Betty Crocker Enters the Sports Nutrition Market

Fueling The Race

The Sprinter With No Base.

When Slow Isn’t Slow

Jekyle and Hyde of Your Swim

Advice for Kona

The Magical Taper and The Benefit of Overtraining

The Glaring Omission on this Site

Ironman Texas Race Report

Ironman Texas Run Course Preview

Ironman Texas Bike Course Preview

Ironman Texas Swim Course Preview

Why I Train and Coach the Way I Do

The High Elbow, Part 2

Time Vs Distance

Let’s Talk About Your Feelings

The Window To The Soul

Sometimes Bike Fit and Aerodynamics Are Not the Same Thing

Figuring It All Out

Ironman Texas Practice Swim, April 28th 2012

The Rules To Being a Triathlete

The Red Headed, Step Brick

Occupy Alii Drive? Come on People, Snap Out of It.

Product Review: Nike tri shorts

Bilateral Breathing

Thank You

Product Review: Speedo Polarized Goggles

Making Peace with the Queen

My 1997 Kona Race Report

My Rocky Relationship with the Queen

Bridgeland Swim and Triathlon Clinic July 30, 2011

The Problem with Power

How Safe is Cycling?

The Importance of Flip Turns

Ironman Texas

Connor’s Stroke

Product Review: Speedo IM Tech Paddles

Rip’s Stroke

Product Review: Sugoi Piston Trishorts

Ironman Texas Practice Swim

John’s Stroke

A little Advice For Your First Marathon

Breaking Down Megan’s Stroke

Ironman Cozumel – The Details

Analyzing Jay’s Freestyle

Quality vs. Quantity

Dialing in Kent’s Freestyle

Discussion about Ironman Texas

Breaking Down Kyle’s Stroke

Kingwood Triathlon Club – Sunday

My Blood Bleeds a Little Less Orange Today…

The Other Activity of Endurance Training…Home Life

I Need A Little Help

Analyzing Dana’s Stroke

Open Water Swimming in February at Barton Springs

I Guess I’m Officially Getting Old.

Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain

Putting Mark’s Stroke on the Hot Seat

Taking My Own Advice

Breaking Down Sheri’s Stroke

Breaking Down Ana’s Stroke

How To Eat That Elephant

Product Review: Netathlon 2.0

Tough Decision

A Thought on the Ironman Swim

Surviving A River Swim

Lifestyle Change

Things Are About To Change

The Amish Might Be Running FINA

The Mailbag…

Product Review: Kettler Ergo Racer

The Two-Beat Kick

Richard Quick Will Be Missed

Can Lance Win 8?

Product Review: H2O Audio Interval

Swimming at the Front: Tactics for Racing in the Craziness

Thoughts on Boston…

If You’re Doing An Ironman, Focus on the Run

Reducing Drag

Overcoming the Fear of Swimming in Open Water

Breaking Down Mike’s Stroke

Ironman World Championships, Kona Hawaii

The Importance of a Good Base

The Boston Marathon

Improving Your Flutter Kick

Swimmer’s Shoulder – A Common Cause

Dryland Workouts

Underwater Pull – The High Elbow

Guide to Proper Wetsuit Fit

Open Water Swim Training for Your Pool Workouts

Improve your Swim in the Offseason

Keys to Open Water Swimming Success

La Ruta de los Conquistadores mountain bike race in Costa Rica

January First.

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