Taking My Own Advice

Ok, so just a few weeks ago I talked about how to eat an elephant. I have to admit, it has been pretty hard to take my own advice. I signed up for Ironman Cozumel a while back , so I have a pretty good sized elephant sitting on my plate. Likewise, my motivation is telling me that I need to be at Ironman training numbers in January. It also doesn’t help that people look at my training logs (open to the public by the way) and ask me why I am not killing the world.  My sensible side is telling me to stay the course. Build slowly. Avoid injury. Get that durability in my legs back.  Follow my heart rate. I keep telling myself that this plan will pay off dividends in late spring when the big numbers really do show up, but in the meantime, a 15 miler at sub 7 pace is what I’m itchin to do. Hopefully I can keep those thoughts at bay until it’s time. Time to awaken that sleeping bear.

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