Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain

I was filming a friend of mine the other day (his post is in the hopper) and he thought that I should post my own swimming as a point of reference for others. While I have posted myself on here swimming before, I will admit it has been a while, so if you haven’t been hanging around here very long, you probably haven’t seen any of them. So here are a few shots of me making my way up and down the pool.

I don’t really feel like picking apart my own stroke in any great detail, but I will admit that my stroke does have flaws. Since I don’t slow down the video or point any of them out, most of you won’t see too many of them though. That works just fine for me, because if I let you peek behind the curtain to see the real wizard, then you won’t tap your ruby slippers together anymore…

From under the water:

Above View:

Head On:

See ya at the pool.

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  • Of course, the first thing you think of after watching yourself is: “do I really look like that”?

    It’s ironic that you posted this particular topic this week. I was just thinking the very same thing after reading your last post. Even veteran swimmers can learn a few things from someone who does it better.

  • A swim coach/friend is giving me some pointers to better my freestyle technique. I’m struggling with the timing on the 2-beat kick. I’ve watched your short clips. Can you suggest anything about the rhythm? I need to “hear it” in my head while I’m swimming. Not sure that makes any sense. I’m going from a 6-beat kick and today I was able to slow down to a 4-beat but when I try to slow down more to the 2 beats, I’m floundering.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • teaching rhythm is a tough thing. You might try kicking with a pull buoy first so that you can work on the timing without worrying about your legs sinking. Otherwise I would focus on the power of each kick to rotate your body and less on the rhythm. Good Luck!

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