January First.

Welcome to Badig.com. After spending decades training for and competing in endurance sports, I decided it was time to put some of this together to share. I often get triathlon or swimming related questions ranging from the most basic to the detailed and extensive. I was looking for an easy way to share some techniques and methods more efficently than one email at a time, so this site was born.

As I move forward with this site I intend to add articles, instructional video, and various tips on a number of subjects. If there is something you have a question on please feel free to ask me as it will usually answer the question that many have but haven’t asked.

Finally, in the true “blog” spirit, I plan on posting some various commentary on a regular basis. Not all of it will be centered on the world of triathlon, or even endurance sports for that matter. Some days it might be the business side of sports, and others it may be about events few have ever heard of . I may even throw in an interview or two. Who knows, you may just pick up an idea or two for future endeavors.

Have a different take? Let me know. I want to learn from you as well.

Look forward to hearing from you,


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